Bizzabo Launches Event Marketing E-Book

Bizzabo, an event management platform for planners, attendees, speakers and exhibitors, used one of the biggest stages in North America to launch a new e-book featuring event marketing tips. Last week at IMEX America in Las Vegas, Bizzabo called attention to its latest event tool, rolling out the Smart Event Marketing Playbook.

The e-book feature everything meeting professionals need to know about marketing an event, including best practices for content, brand creation, social media, community building and search-engine optimization. One of the key tenets across all mediums is personalization.

“A strong event marketing campaign is an ever-evolving tactic,” says Alon Alroy, co-founder and CMO of Bizzabo. “One of the most important trends is incorporating personalization in all aspects of your event campaigns. You can no longer communicate with your attendees in a one-size-fits-all manner. It’s now key to segment your audience to send relevant and targeted content. Attendees expect a personalized, valuable experience and it’s your job as an organizer to give them that.”

The Smart Event Marketing Playbook will help planners master a variety of tasks to ensure a successful event, including:

How to promote an event to attract attendees.
How to generate traffic to the event’s website.
How to create an unforgettable event.

“At Bizzabo, we aim to create high-quality content that is beneficial for our readers,” Alroy says. “That was no exception when creating this e-book. We consulted with many industry professionals who were more than happy to share their insights with us. Our expertise comes from striving to build and market a powerful event management platform that has already helped thousands of conferences worldwide.”

The e-book does a great job reviewing digital tools used for event marking, including explaining their benefits, average cost and the ever-important added value to the success of the marketing plan. Tactics can include media placements, pay-per-click ads, blogs and branding.

Event marketing sets the stage for developing strategic relationships between events and attendees. Having a marketing plan is a key component of all successful events.



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