Travel and daily life continue to be affected by COVID-19 as “shelter-in-place” orders are mandated across the United States, and the world. Even still, amid isolation and quarantine, technology and the internet are keeping people connected. From working remotely to socializing with friends and family, there is readily available tech that can assist in day-to-day tasks during these uncertain times.

Home Sweet Home (Office)

Sitting in your home office, you’ve brought a fresh cup of coffee and are ready to start the day. Except, oops, your two toddlers barge in and knock the coffee over onto all your work. Maybe that’s not your exact scenario, but working from home isn’t necessarily ideal for many—even when it’s necessary in times like these. Online resources are your best friend. There are plenty of ways to remain efficient and organized while working from home.

For those new to home offices, LinkedIn is offering free courses on working from home, and can help individuals figure out what works best for them. For starters, experts recommend that to stay on schedule, segment what you’ll do—and when—over the course of each day. Apps such as Google Calendar and Monday make this easy.

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Checking In and Staying Connected

Humans are innately social, and social distancing or being alone doesn’t have to be lonely. And in times like these, it’s critical that we support one another and show compassion. Technology, as we all know, makes it much easier to stay connected while still being physically separated. Even remotely, positive social interactions can help foster happiness and reduce loneliness.

That thing you use to check Facebook and Instagram—better known as your cellphone—is waiting for you to use FaceTime or Skype to stay in touch with relatives, friends and business associates. Zoom is another way to video chat (and screenshare) with dozens of people at once. Even when it comes to entertainment, there are still ways to share. An extension called Netflix Party on Google Chrome allows people to watch movies and TV shows together in real time.

Don’t Forget to Disconnect

While technology allows for connection between people at a distance, don’t neglect those around you. Maybe now is the time to forge deeper connection with those you’re living with. Don’t forget to go for a walk. Do other exercise when you can and incorporate meditation into your routine. Wherever the opportunity arises, assist people in your life who may be more vulnerable, such as elder relatives or those with limited or no internet access. Be creative in not only minimizing the spread of COVID-19, but in how you continue to live your daily life with those around you.