7 Tech Trends We Saw in 2019

Videoconferencing Advancements

Videoconferencing has been around for years, but like all things tech, videoconferencing products are getting better by the day. New products that feature a 360-degree camera and speaker, and intelligence systems that use voice and facial recognition, let remote attendees feel as though they’re right in the room.

Hotels Going Even More Tech

This was a year in which hotels integrated technology deeper than ever into the fabric of their operations: room keys, room service and check-in/check-out can now all be accessed via smartphone. Smart guest technology allows hotels to predict guests’ service needs based on previous visits, hopefully gifting planners more time to get creative.

Better Audio for Live Events

Audio is one of the most important elements of the event space—and one that can easily become a headache. High-quality, low-cost audio is something that Mixhalo, an event audio software company, introduced this year. Look for this service to be available at conferences, festivals, trade shows and more.

Event Automation

If there’s one thing event professionals will learn to love—if they don’t already—it’s automation. Event automation lets planners automate tasks and create workflows, thus cutting costs. You can even measure the success of event activities, making it more likely that even more successful and effective events will follow.

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events—events that are both physical and virtual—have been gaining traction recent years, and 2019 has been no different. But does incorporating live streaming into events result in a decrease in live attendance? It seems the answer is no. Digitell found that 30 percent of people who attended virtually a live-streamed event signed up for the physical event the following year. Expect more of these hybrids in 2020.

Virtual Reality Tours

CVBs, convention centers and VR software companies are increasingly implementing virtual reality (VR) tours, saving planners both time and money. Available on mobile, desktop and VR goggles, not only are event professionals able to take virtual tours, but they can also view unique floor plans in 3D. Some offer mobile check-in and guest-list management in the mix.

Big Data

When it comes to planning, the more data, the better. With new and expanded data now available regarding attendee behavior, attendee engagement, which sessions were the most attended, which booth drew the most traffic and more, event professionals will be able to create even better events in the future. Big data is here, or will be coming soon, for the events you plan.


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