Get Interactive with This New Travel Tech Platform

Have you ever watched a video and wondered, “Where is that place?” And even after a session of deep searching, you just can’t seem to find it. Clicktivated, an interactive video platform, is aiming to fix that problem.

With this platform, interactive videos allow users to find out further information about a destination’s attractions without having to search for each individual location.

The brand has had partnerships with retail brands, such as Toms and Ted Baker, but has recently broke into the tourism industry. Collaborations with destination brands, including Pure Michigan, Louisiana Travel, Explore Edmonton, Daytona Beach and Visit Saint Paul, have proved successful so far, with these brands having reported seeing a 68 percent average interaction rate with Clicktivated’s technology.

In an interview on T Time talk, Chris Roebuck, founder and CEO of Clicktivated, said that interactive video drives more engagement and doesn’t feel forced because it gives users the opportunity to engage on their own. “When you don’t force too much information on the consumer, they react positively,” he said.

The idea behind the company is to eliminate the roadblocks between viewing a destination’s attractions on video and finding more information about that location. In an earlier part of the interview, Roebuck said retailers want to “[help] remove the friction of search,” which is exactly what this recent partnership with tourism brands is doing.

For event planners—with their tight schedules—the easier information is to access, the better.


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