Looking for an easy way to upgrade your event in 2019? Integrate technology! Today, almost every attendee has a smartphone, so it’s time to use that to your advantage. From push notifications to digital schedules, opportunities for communicating with attendees are almost endless—all while reducing your event’s carbon footprint!

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In order to create an effective, user-friendly event app, there are a few things you’ll want to be sure to include:

  1. User-Friendly User Interface: Incorporate an activity feed into your home screen to help create a more personalized user experience and facilitate increased interaction with content, people and solutions.
  2. Session and Event Schedules: Of course, one of the most useful items you can provide is an event schedule. Eliminate paper waste by creating digital schedules that are conveniently available within the app.
  3. Interactive Maps: Navigating large venues can be tricky, especially if an event is spread across multiple floors. Make life a little easier for your attendees by creating an interactive map to help them find their way to their next session or exhibitor.
  4. Exclusive App Content: Incentivize attendees to download your app by creating valuable content and exclusive experiences that can only be found in the app.
  5. Supplemental Session Materials: Take your workshops and educational sessions one step further by providing downloadable materials such as worksheets and case studies.
  6. Social Q&A and Live Polling: Allow attendees to participate in round tables and panels by submitting their questions and votes via Q&A and Live Polling features.
  7. Sponsor Ads: Attract sponsors by offering them the option to advertise directly to attendees within the app.
  8. Exhibitor Information: You spend months rounding up the perfect exhibitors for your event, so make sure your attendees know who’s there and where to find them!
  9. Networking Channels: Features such as attendee lists, direct messaging and matchmaking allow users to initiate conversations and forge meaningful connections.
  10. Social Media Feeds: Create a custom social feed for your event and allow users to upload photos and updates to share their experience.
  11. Private Meeting Scheduling: Attendees come to network, so let them! Scheduling features allow users to view calendars, request meetings and book meeting spaces, eliminating the hassle of never-ending email chains.
  12. Push Notifications: Easily communicate with your attendees with targeted broadcasts and alerts. Send messages to help direct traffic or update users on last-minute schedule or location changes.
  13. Digital Content Library: From speaker presentations and on-demand videos to exhibitor sales materials and whitepapers, put together a library of useful content.
  14. Games: Gamification of mobile apps blends psychology and technology to create fun, competitive experiences that drive engagement, loyalty and brand recall.
  15. Interactive Feedback: At the end of the event (or the end of each day) ask attendees to fill out a brief survey to get valuable feedback on their experience.

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Annmarie Hoskins is senior director of business development with Zerista, a Simpleview Company, an event app provider.