Event safety is a touchstone of a successful event. How can your attendees properly network and collaborate if no one feels safe? Over the year, Smart Meetings has covered several ways meeting professionals can ensure attendees feel safe in every aspect of their event.

In the Cloud We Trust

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Preventing date leaks doesn’t need to be complicated. For those wanting a successful event, maintaining security and protection of your attendees’ information is a must. To discuss the best cybersecurity trends meeting professionals should consider in 2023, Smart Meetings spoke with Ari Schwartz, former senior director of cybersecurity at the White House (he worked on technology policy during the Obama administration), and current managing director of cybersecurity services for Venable Cybersecurity Risk Management Group.

Event Safety PSA: Failing to Prepare Could Cost You

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Rather than having to clean up the chaos after an event safety breach, it’s best to take action before anything happens. With the constant on-the-go nature of event planning, implementing a proper safety plan is often overlooked. This is a huge liability risk. Alan Kleinfeld, director of Arrive Conference Solutions, provides tips for those who want to take action before tragedy strikes.

Healthy You: Eek! Bedbugs!line drawn bed

News about bedbugs have fallen by the wayside over the last few years but unfortunately for hotel guests, those bedbugs haven’t gone anywhere. Before safety at the event, attendees need safety in the hotel room. Along with information about the cities with the most bedbugs, there’s also tips about how best to check your room for the little critters.

Be Aware: Tips for Women Business Travelers On the Road

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Travel is a huge part of the events and meetings experience. Whether traveling from or to the event, you want to be sure you’re doing it safely. Smart Meetings sat down with Laura S., a woman on the road, to discuss making smart and safe decisions. Here you’ll find strategies and tricks to stay safe when you’re on the road.