Email marketing can be complicated, but also wildly successful and economical. says one key to successful events is targeted, personal email invitations.

Each group should see specific, tailored messages. A group involved in pharmaceuticals won’t really care about the same things as a group of fundraisers. Tina Su on says it is important to determine the result you are seeking before writing the invitations or messages. Have a clear goal in mind, and avoid rambling.

Other tips:

To help ensure your email is read, pose a question or a request or ask for advice. The reply is the goal you are seeking.
Skip long introductions, compliments and details. Just get to the point.
Make sure your email has obvious links: Kevin Gao, CEO and founder of Comm100, says it is simple to define the purpose of an email, but without a link to a home page or website, users are not likely to become customers. He urges emailers to capitalize on every moment a user might feel compelled to click on something, and make the links clear.
Several experts say the use of images is not the best use of space. Many recipients don’t bother to call them up, so why include them?
Always ask recipients of emails to include you on their contact list. Always.
Cvent suggests that meeting planners track the number and status of invitations they’ve emailed. This helps monitor the overall campaign.

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