Best Career Advice of 2019


As we enter a new decade and you set goals and intentions for the new year, why not check in with your career goals? Consider how you can continue working toward them—and amp them up—in 2020. Over the past twelve months, Smart Meetings has offered up advice to help you make small changes that will have big impacts for your career. Here are some of our best tips for making this your best year yet.

Random Acts of Career Development

Smart Meetings started out last year with some great advice on career development, based on a survey by UFI, the Global Association of the Exhibition Industry. The survey found gender discrepancies between “soft” skills (communication, patience and organizational skills) and possession of power.

5 Ways to Find Freedom in Freelancing

With advancements in technology making freelancing ever easier and ever more popular, we also focused on career advice for freelancers. Tips such as going out to work, giving yourself benefits, hiring other freelancers and making sure you have strong networking skills can help you be the best freelancer you can be.

Using Titles and Certifications to Your Advantage

While things like business cards may seem minor in the vast realm of career development, first impressions are still important. How you present yourself to clients, and potential clients, remains significant. Knowing when and how many certifications and titles to use is an important way to make sure you are putting your best foot forward, and a simple way to boost career opportunities.

Secrets of a Productive Mentorship Program

Entering the big wide professional world can be intimidating. A great way for young planners to jump-start their careers is reaching out and finding a mentor, who can offer invaluable insight based on personal experience. But a productive mentorship program or relationship can be difficult to find. We offered advice on gaining and maintaining strong mentor-mentee relationships—and why you should invest in one.

How to Get a Seat at The Power Table

“Event planner” is still too often a misunderstood and undervalued title. Among planners’ greatest challenges is progressing their careers to the point at which they have real power within the companies they work for. Howard Givner, founder of Event Leadership Institute, gives advice on ways planners can take that step towards winning a seat at the “power table.”

How to Realize Your True Meeting Potential

According to informal research done by motivational speaker Thom Singer, 70 percent of people are not realizing their full potential. To help meeting planners realize what they are capable of, we offered sage advice on ways that you can reach higher and succeed like never before. Spoiler alert: focus on the four “P’s”: plans, passion, purpose and people.

The Joys of Generational Differences

While generational differences in the workforce are not new, rapid changes in technology and the way we conduct business may make them seem starker than ever before. Young CEOs, for example, have become commonplace in this age of start-ups. While generational differences may seem like a minefield of different opinions and varying approaches, they can actually be a big asset in the workplace when innovation teams with experience.


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