Jeff Bezos of Amazon banned the PowerPoint. It’s a bold move, especially when it is the standard. But going through photos, graphs and data can be, well…boring. Meetings are difficult enough, let alone meetings that revolve around clicking slide after slide. Consider pulling a Bezos, or at the least, incorporating something unique to keep morale and spirits high.

1. Start with a stretch.

It’s an unusual start, but it forces employees to stand up and get moving. This is an ideal technique for mornings because it helps wake your employees up, rather than giving them another chance to doze off.

2. Send out a memo in advance.

This is what Bezos does, and, apparently, it’s effective. Instead of presenting information at a meeting and then waiting for employees to digest the information, send them the info (not in the format of a PowerPoint!) a day in advance for morning meetings, or start of the day for later meetings. This allows them to take notes, formulate questions and come prepared and ready to discuss.

3. Watch a TED talk.

Find an inspiring talk and use it as a chance to uplift your workers. These are best for morning meetings, as they’re a good way to energize and remind them of why what they do is important.

4. Read gratitude notes.

If you have a weekly meeting, post a bulletin board where employees can thank and congratulate each other. Collect names, then put them in a raffle for a prize. Employees will feel cherished. The anticipation of winning a prize is invigorating and everyone will walk away feeling appreciated.

5. Skip the meeting all together.

It can be a risky move, but sometimes it’s the right answer. If you find yourself constantly scheduling meetings that don’t feel necessary or motivating for you or employees, consider removing these meetings and saving them for emails. Of course, don’t stop scheduling meetings that contain crucial information. But take a second to decide if what you need to say needs a calendar invitation.