Darren Woodson

Build a Winning Culture with Dallas Cowboys Football Legend Darren Woodson!

Find encouragement and re-inspire your team as football great Darren Woodson shares his message of excellence and courage! You will learn through Darren’s lessons on and off of the gridiron and gain a deep understanding of how to build a winning culture. Darren will challenge you to become tougher together, by embracing difficult change, healthy competition and honest confrontation.

About Darren
Down, set, hike! Three-time Super Bowl champion and five-time Pro Bowl honoree Darren Woodson will be in the house! Woodson played 13 seasons of hard-hitting football with the Dallas Cowboys and gained popularity on and off the gridiron. Trading his cleats and shoulder pads for a three-piece suit and a mic, the former football star is now featured on ESPN as an NFL analyst, as well as on NFL Live and Sportscenter.

A native of Phoenix, Arizona, the notoriously tough defensive player also holds a bachelor’s degree in justice studies from Arizona State University. In addition to his work as an NFL analyst, Woodson remains active in the Dallas community, acting as an ambassador and board member for the North Texas Chapter of the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

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