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Here at Astor Chocolate we pride ourselves on certain hallmark values that we believe not only make our chocolate superior but also forms a culture that promotes respect, innovation and sustainability. We look forward to working with you.

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About the Company:

RESPECT We believe that our success can only be achieved when we enable one another to succeed. Our strength comes from our people and we are committed to enrich the lives of our employees. Our culture of “better” creates a team of devoted individuals who live and breathe innovation and reinvention.

FOOD SAFETY & QUALITY We believe that our product is exquisite because of our pride, and not the other way around. As a Level 3 manufacturing facility recognized and certified by the SQF – the Safe Quality Foods Institute, we maintain quality and safety in all aspects of production, and we also enacted and maintain strict COVID-19 safety protocols. At Astor Chocolate we use the finest ingredients and packaging, and because we cherish the history of our company and our brand, we take pride in our products – allowing only the best to leave our facility.

SUSTAINABILITY We live with respect and integrity for our Astor family, all those we interact with, and not least of all the Earth that we live on. Our solar panel field and innovative tri-generation system allow us to save 250,000 kilowatts of energy annually, and become a self-sustaining, energy efficient facility that is completely energy independent and helps to reduce our carbon footprint. We aim to respect the earth as much as we respect those we interact with.