Happy Hour at the Spa

Happy hour takes on new meaning when it’s held at a spa that dishes up alcohol-infused treatments. Take Scotch, for example, which is chock-full of sugars, minerals and vitamin B6 that provide beneficial hydrating and anti-inflammatory properties.

Champagne and wine-based beverages can smooth skin, enhance blood flow and provide powerful anti-aging benefits. Beer yeast can increase skin elasticity by suppressing sebum.

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At the 732-room The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa in Scottsdale, Arizona, tequila is the alcohol infusion of choice. The Tequila Lime Refresher facial claims to leave the skin hydrated, nourished and luminous.  The signature Tequila and Lime Body Glow combines coastal sea salts, lime, agave and tequila in a healing, smoothing “sub-lime” scrub.

Agave is another source of anti-inflammatory and anti-aging benefits, with a touch of organic lime to stimulate cellular renewal. For a quick jolt, try the jalapeno booster, which increases oxygen, improves circulation and leaves skin toned with a youthful, rosy glow.

At the 177-room Hawks Cay Resort in the Florida Keys, Florida, spa therapists whip up a special Key Lime Mojito to revive and refresh the skin. The spa’s Pina Colada is another cleansing and moisturizing treatment that includes a cane sugar scrub, tropical oil massage and body butter wrap, infused with pineapple essence.

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