What One Thing? podcast guests share what they are thankful for

Showing genuine appreciation makes the world go round. Research from the Greater Good Science Center at University of California, Berkeley, found that gratitude was the “social glue” to building and nurturing strong relationships—and it feels good, too.

Noticing the positive in our world and expressing it boosts self-esteem and makes everyone feel more connected and happy by enhancing the power of positive recall. We asked What One Thing? podcast guests from this year to share their gratitude habits so we can all elevate our recognition.

Marin Bright, founder and CEO, Smart Meetings

Gratitude Note: I am grateful for my creative team that continues to wow every month and grateful to be in an industry that allows deeper connections and enables us to bring our authentic selves.

Visible Thanks: I manifest gratitude by writing in my gratitude journal every night. I also make a conscious effort to thank people every day.

woman standing with arms crossedCarina Bauer, CEO, IMEX Group

Gratitude Note: I am grateful for the industry that we work in and the IMEX team. Every year, every month, every show we face new challenges; but knowing that I am never alone and that I have great people and friends to rely on allows me to face these challenges with energy and a growth mindset. The IMEX team helps to boost me every day—I always look forward to being in the office, learning from their skills and trusting them fully to bring amazing ideas to life that benefit our shows and the industry.

Finally, I’m grateful that I’m able to mix my work with my passion for travel—we really are very lucky in our industry!

Visible Thanks: I hope I express my gratitude by remembering to say thank you enough to all the people around me. I think I also show my gratitude by dealing with people with respect and kindness and always trying my best for them.

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Lisa Messina, chief sales officer, Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority

Gratitude Note: “I am thankful for the tremendous community I get to work with every day.  We work hard to execute on our customer’s vision, and we do it as a team!”

Visible Thanks: “I express my gratitude by writing hand-written notes.  I also like to shout from the rooftops about someone who has gone above and beyond so they are recognized above and beyond me.”

man holding up handsRobert Strong, speaker, entertainer, author, “Amaze & Delight: Secrets to Creating Magic in Business”

Gratitude Note: I deeply appreciate the metaphorical doors that have closed in front of me, the myriad ungranted opportunities in my life, and all of my career rejections. Each instance has played a pivotal role in my personal and entrepreneurial growth, offering valuable insights, fortifying resilience, and instilling a nuanced appreciation for learning from failure. These experiences not only strengthened my character but also propelled my development, instilling a profound gratitude for the transformative power inherent in setbacks.

Visible Thanks: Expressing gratitude to friends, family, and clients is integral. I do so through acts of kindness, sincere communication, genuine curiosity, sharing experiential knowledge and fostering long-term connections. This symbiotic approach, grounded in the belief that collective thriving catalyzes prosperity and development for all, underscores my commitment to mutually beneficial relationships.

woman talking into microphone in handDebra Fine, keynote speaker, trainer and bestselling author, “The Fine Art of Small Talk”

Gratitude Note: My gratitude for ongoing, long-term relationships is a constant in my life—business, social and romantic! As I enjoy almost 30 years of a second marriage I have learned how rewarding it is to invest in a lifetime partnership. The same goes for the relationships cultivated with our blended family of now adult children, their spouses and our grandchildren.

And so many friends who are there for me, who I travel with, have fun with, share history with. More than 30 years as a member of Rotary International has brought me joy in community and service side by side with like-minded people, relationships I value dearly.

Lastly, gratitude for professional relationships. Just last week I received a referral thanks to a booking in 2012. How great is that? And my work yesterday was thanks to a fellow keynote speaker recommending me during his work last year for the same conference. The gratitude I have for the opportunity to build relationships for so many years that puts me in a wonderful position to gain business, make referrals and help others. Heck, I am very thankful for Smart Meetings for thinking of me for this piece, a relationship I treasure.

All these relationships require attention and consideration. Cultivating connections in all realms of life is what I am most grateful for today and every day.