Meetings Mean Business Roars Again

The coalition known as Meetings Mean Business is back in business with Worth Meeting About, a refreshed campaign to underscore the importance of face-to-face meetings for people, businesses and communities.

The campaign’s framing message is “When it’s important, it’s worth meeting about.”

“We will demonstrate the industry’s unique ability to bring people together and solve difficult challenges,” says Richard Harper, co-chair of Meetings Mean Business Coalition and executive vice president at HelmsBriscoe. “Despite having a multitude of ways to communicate with one another, when the stakes are high and when it matters most, we meet face-to-face to build connections and develop solutions.”

Digital storytelling will underscore the unique value of face-to-face meetings in every facet of life, from major world events and business to human relationships.

In brief, dramatic messages, professionals in the meetings industry and others will share personal experiences about what’s worth meeting about in their lives. The coalition also plans to film video testimonials and tap into the coalition’s Meeting Professionals Task Force and Ambassadors program to generate longer-form case studies.

“We will demonstrate the industry’s unique ability to bring people together and solve difficult challenges,” Harper says.

Comprised of more than 50 members, Meetings Mean Business is an industry-wide coalition that showcases the undeniable value of business meetings, trade shows, incentive travel, exhibitions, conferences and conventions.


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