How to create a lasting impression in meetings

Creatiing Memorable impressions at meetingsGoing into a meeting, all attendees should consider the opportunity as a chance to learn something. Many, however, don’t take meetings seriously enough.

Glen Llopis, a contributor to Forbes magazine, points out that a meeting is about listening, observing and looking for opportunities. It is also about leaving a lasting impression with your colleagues.

Here are some things to consider going into a meeting:

1. Use a whiteboard: Use stories based on personal experience—what worked and what didn’t work—to help others relate to and better understand potential and outcomes when a recommendation is shared in the meeting.

2. Pay attention to what others are thinking 

A solution to an issue might have been presented, but if it wasn’t presented by the “right” person, it might not have caught on.  If someone suggest something you like, point it out.

3. Trust yourself to ask a question

Asking questions requires trust in yourself and a little confidence. Being the icebreaker can make a memorable impression in a meeting.

4. Take notes on everything

Very few attendees take meaningful notes.  Taking notes will be seen by others and they will wonder if you are hearing something they are not. They might want to ask you questions. If you have the answers, that will make an impression.

5. Hold Yourself Accountable to Act; Take Calculated Risks

There will always be a chance to own a responsibility. Don’t wait for someone to assign this to you, take the initiative. To make an impression you have to be bold.


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