Super Bowl XLIX is over, but meeting professionals can score big with some of the main ideas and activities that are part of the mega sports event. In an article published on, Deputy Editor Samantha Whitehorne suggests three ways organizations can successfully introduce some smaller scale, Super Bowl-worthy fanfare into their meetings:

Stage a media day. Prior to the Big Game, reporters have unrivaled access to players and coaches where they can pose serious (as well as silly) questions. Try a version of that at your next meeting. Seat the CEO, senior staff and/or board members on a panel, and allow attendees to ask them questions of any kind. These impromptu interactions will make attendees feel closer to your organization, and humanize the bigwigs that some may have viewed as off-limits.

Create a commercial. Many tune in to the Super Bowl solely for the commercials, and they are a prime topic of conversation at the water cooler the following day. How can your company capitalize on commercials? Create a short trailer about what attendees can expect at your event, and post it to your website before the conference. Or offer sponsors the opportunity to present entertaining 30-second spots that can be screened prior to the general session.

Host a halftime performance. Take a cue from the Super Bowl’s popular halftime show and stage a fun, flamboyant event in the middle of the meeting. It will create excitement, and get attendees pumped for the second half.