Ruled by Mars, you are the go-getter, get it done fast person. If it’s a rush job you’re at your best as you love action and working at full speed. However, patience can be in short supply when you get overwhelmed. Breathe. Appreciate your staff, even if they don’t get as much done as fast as you can. 


Ruled by Venus, you love comfort, aesthetics and sensuality. You are a luxury person who wants the best jobs, with the most class and flare. Bare bones budgets and minimalism are not your thing. But you always find a way to add a flare even to the tightest budgets. 


Since you are the twins, ruled by Mercury, the mind, you can get things done and juggle all those details with ease.  Complicated events are a challenge you enjoy as sorting it all out is like solving a puzzle, which stimulates your mind. Delegate one thing to your helpers, as few people are as good at multi-tasking as you are.


Ruled by the Moon, you lead with your heart. You want everyone to be happy and as comfortable as possible. You aim to please, but go easy on the “yes I cans” as even your big heart can only accommodate so much. Appease your clients with kindness, but know that the wants of everyone can seldom ever be met.


The King or Queen of the Zodiac is ruled by the Sun as your charm always shines bright. You want the big jobs, with the opulent flare and impressive presentations that haven’t been done before. Drama is your friend, so a client who wants simple is probably better off with a planner who isn’t keen on making a big statement.


You are the detail person of the Zodiac, also ruled by Mercury, but with a more practical flair. Big events with many working pieces are your forte, as you juggle all those details with ease. Your head spins them all into a lovely spider web. Just don’t let too many details get you down, or design more complex plans than needed as you can shut down and get stuck.


Also ruled by Venus, Zen-like beauty is your thing. Every detail must result in “pretty” or you’re a wreck. Color, flowers and the “look” drive your vision. Someone who wants quick and dirty is not for you. Elegant, refined and memorably lovely is your thing. Beer and pizza-style events make you shudder.


Pluto, the ruler of the underworld, is your planet. Known as the Phoenix rising from the Ashes, you like moody themes. Maybe Halloween or treasure hunts or mystery nights are your thing, whereas lunch and a meeting will bore you to tears. In any case, you’ll look for the unusual as your preferred venue, or dream of them when doing the more mundane events.


Ruled by Jupiter, Sagittarius is about abundance, international travel, higher education, legal and publishing—a big plate of territory.  The archer is an explorer and adventure is their favorite thing. Their events are usually large scale and with and unusual twist. Give them a challenge and they will rise to the occasion.


Saturn, a serious business person, rules Capricorn. They take their work very seriously and would not dream of letting you down or doing anything unprofessional. Corporate planning is their forte. This sign is sure to impress anyone.


The water bearer, ruled by Uranus the rebel, never likes to do the same thing twice. Taking a new look is in their nature. Adding a twist here and there so things don’t get boring is mandatory. You can count on them to find the road less traveled and give you something truly different.


Finally Pisces, ruled by Neptune the mystic, would be great at planning spiritual, new age, romantic and dreamy events. Harmony is key. With a flare for the “mood” of an event, they can charm anyone with their visions and skills. Be sure to talk to them quietly when you want to make changes, as they are very sensitive to the energy around them.

Yvonne Walker, the Astro Healer, has been a practicing astrologer for over 35 years.