With a nod to the technology features in this issue, we showcase a few fun and useful items for your enjoyment. These clever gift, workplace and team-building ideas will make attendees and VIPs smile. Most importantly, they’ll remember you and your event.


Can a banana become a piano? Yes! The Makey Makey Invention Kit transforms everyday objects, such as bananas or Play-Doh, into tech tools that control computer programs and online games. Just clip connector wires from any item to the microcontroller, which is then connected to a computer, and voila!—a one-of-a-kind keyboard. Perfect for team building. momastore.org

Game On

Game On!

Place an iPad in this portable tray and attendees can enjoy the Classic Match Foosball app. Digitally customize your players and field, keep track of tournament play, and add cheering crowds and other sound effects. The tactile experience is still there, with eight spinners to control the players and colored markers to keep score. Rubber feet lend stability. uncommongoods.com

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Just Your Type

Turn any flat surface into a keyboard with this pocket-sized laser projection device. It connects via Bluetooth; motion-sense lasers also double as a mouse, detecting hand movement as you click, double-click and scroll. uncommongoods.com

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Linked In

A well-dressed businessperson now has accessories that are not only trendy, but tech hubs, too: The rhodium-plated base metal on these cuff links is topped with a classy silver finish. One link functions as a Wi-Fi hot spot or LAN adapter. The other holds up to 2GBs of data. uncommongoods.com

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Stand-Up Guy

Boris is a trusty companion who holds your mobile device while you charge it, and makes your phone or music player easy to see. Available in red, black and white, he keeps the cable neat and your desk less cluttered. animicausa.com