Would your audience connect with NBA Hall of Famer and Los Angeles Lakers legend Magic Johnson’s message of winning? You might consider:

man wearing black long sleeve button up shirt, smilingJustin Forsett

Profile: Former NFL player turned entrepreneur

Topics: Perseverance, leadership, and above all, teamwork

Agency: See Agency

What’s one thing you want attendees to take away from your presentations?

I hope my attendees feel like they have the tools to push through hard things.

What do you want meeting planners to know about working with you?

You will be working with someone who is a great communicator; trustworthy, prompt and engaging. I will always try to find ways to over-deliver.

man wearing dark blue sport coat and light blue button up shirt, smiling and rubbing hands togetherAlex Weber

Profile: Award-winning host for NBC American Ninja Warrior, JA Worldwide Impact Award winner, US Lacrosse coach of the year, author of “Be The Unstoppable You”

Topics: Leadership, inspiration, overcoming adversity, motivation, team building, peak performance, resilience, attitude

One thing you hope attendees take away from your time on stage?

Choosing you. Choosing to commit to you, the people you care about, and what you are building together! We embrace that the world will keep throwing challenges our way, and you know what, we might trip ourselves up at times, too. But we will always be steadfast in our commitment to choosing you over the negativity, obstacles and uncertainty. We will choose to give our best to the goals we have professionally and personally, knowing that even as we encounter challenges, they will unlock abilities and gifts within you! Because the truth is that the world will keep coming with its challenges, but you will keep coming, too! As we do with positive belief and inspired action, you will be unstoppable! We will be Unstoppable! And we can even surprise ourselves with the heights we’re able to reach together.

How did Covid change your approach to connecting with audiences?

Realness and Human Connection! Meetings are amazing for so many reasons, and one that I really missed during Covid is what I call “The In-Between Moments.” These are the moments of a meeting at a coffee break or opening reception where you get to talk with people you otherwise may not have an opportunity to connect with. I always make a point to attend as much of a meeting as possible. Beyond the stage, I love joining for breakfast, or receptions, or even fun outgoings like a recent axe-throwing and silent disco! Meetings are so strengthening for our organizations, and I love to add to that empowerment, relationship-building and fun, too!

I’ll also share that before the pandemic, I didn’t open up on-stage as much about my own personal challenges. But I have since made the decision to be brave, open, and honest about the non-highlight reel moments of life, and how I overcame them. What’s wonderful is that audiences have told me this has been very powerful, relatable and inspiring for them! We are all people going through our challenges professionally and personally. When we share openly about how we can overcome those challenges, that’s where the real empowerment happens!

What do you want meeting planners to know about working with you?

I love this work! I love meeting planners, meetings and audience members! I have so much respect and appreciation for what meeting planners give to make these incredible experiences happen. And as much as we know about the time, energy and passion that meeting planners pour into these events, there is so much more that we may never know about! So, from the moment we start to work together, I want to make things as easy, positive, smooth and fun as possible! My goal is to make the meeting an unbelievable success, and to go above and beyond in any way that I can! I truly love this work and so it’s a privilege to be able to go above and beyond.

man sitting down, wearing black coat and blue plaid long sleeve button up shirtDevin Henderson, CSP

Profile: Former magician and father of seven who always dreams big

Topics: Peak performance, mental health, teamwork and resilience

Agencies: Speak Inc, Eagles Talent, Speaker Exchange, Red Propeller, Nationally Speaking, Midwest Speakers Bureau, The Sweeney Agency, Remarkable and several others!

One thing you hope attendees take away from your time on stage?

The one thing I want attendees to take to heart is the idea that “something greater is always possible.” The title of my signature keynote and a proven, life-changing mantra, this is a phrase many organizations have adopted as a culture after hearing me speak. In my keynote, as I share my story of persistence, resilience and coming back stronger after challenges, I have attendees repeat this very important question: “What else is possible?” This question helps people respond to fear, challenge and uncertainty, and can help them whether they’ve just had their worst year ever, or their best one. Choosing a “Possibility Mindset” ignites untapped potential in individuals and organizations and helps them always strive for their next level of greatness.

The one “thing” I want attendees to take away from my time on stage, to sum it up in one word, is “hope,” hope that they can emerge stronger from failure. Hope they can overcome any obstacle in their life or work. Hope that they can always achieve their next level of greatness. Hope in the truth that…something greater is always possible.

How did Covid change your approach to connecting with audiences? As I was speaking on March 1st, 2020, little did I know that days later, all my speaking dates for the remainder of the year would disappear. Initially, I took this as a gift from God to take a brief hiatus from my nearly two-decade speaking career. But as it became apparent this situation would extend beyond what I first expected, I quickly began executing a pivot to virtual speaking. Within weeks, I had a new laptop, virtual camera, ring light, microphone and software to accommodate online presentations.

Virtual presentations presented new “problems” for performing magic in an online setting–how can someone “pick a card” or “examine this prop” over Zoom? I quickly viewed these challenges as opportunities to exercise creativity. Many of the innovative techniques I developed over my Zoom presentations helped stretch me in ways that have amplified my impact for in-person events!

In the end, upping my tech-game allowed for quality face-to-face discovery calls with clients, video production and high-impact virtual keynotes for people anywhere!

What do you want meeting planners to know about working with you?

I am here to make meeting planners look like rock stars. My goal is to make them look awesome because they found the perfect speaker for their meeting.

And I’m not a diva. I don’t need green M&Ms—I prefer red, just kidding 😉 I’m here to make it easy on the event planner, the tech team and the client contact. I adapt quickly, whether the Power Point goes out or my speaking time gets trimmed or extended. 

Also, once booked, my prep and promotion is super easy. My 4-step process outlined on my website covers all the details to “set the stage” for success, including bio, headshot, tech requests, etc.

I always tell event planners to text me whenever. I’m 100% reliable, but if it’s their first time working with me, I haven’t had the chance to prove it. I tell the planner to text me anytime so they don’t have to secretly “wonder” if I truly am trustworthy. And, in case they don’t text me, I text them to say “I’ve made it to town” and that “I’m on my way to the soundcheck.” In the end, the meeting planner and I inevitably end up being friends.

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