Apple is developing an iPhone that can be wirelessly recharged. According to Bloomberg Business, this cutting-edge feature may begin appearing on its mobile devices as early as 2017.

For years, Samsung, Sony and Google have been making phones that wirelessly recharge when placed on a special mat, and Apple employs this same technology for charging the Apple Watch. Yet Apple acknowledges that this solution is less than ideal, because charging pads must still be plugged into electric power sockets.

Instead, the innovative company is looking toward power hubs that would wirelessly recharge iPhones and iPads when users are a certain distance from them.

Such hubs could be stand-alone units, or could be built into iMac or MacBook computers. In the case of the latter, workers’ phones could continuously charge as they sit at their desks, about 1 yard from the hubs.

The new technology will eliminate the physical need for charging ports on iPhones and iPads, ostensibly making them lighter and slimmer. Apple has secured several patents on this potentially game-changing technology. bloomberg.com