More Than Just a T-Shirt

Don’t be alarmed if you see meeting participants scanning each other’s upper torsos these days. Star Gifts has introduced new T-shirts that feature a personalized QR code on the front that can be scanned to reach a company’s website or online press kit.

The shirts, which are ١٠٠ percent cotton, also can link directly to any other website, including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. They are available in a variety of sizes—from extra small to XXL—in black, blue, light blue, navy, charcoal, green, grey, red, white and yellow.

Customers do not need to already have a QR code. They simply input their provider of choice when ordering the shirts, and Star Gifts then creates a QR code that links back to the website.

Last but by no means least, QR Code T-shirts are great promotional giveaways at meetings and events because they serve as a walking billboard for your company.


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