As often happens in the 21st century, a tech company ripped a page from science fiction’s library and pushed it into reality—and the meetings industry is abuzz about this one.

Thanks to Toronto-based ARHT Media, technology seen mostly in the Star Wars franchise turned motivational speaker Tony Robbins, who was on stage in Miami in June, into a hologram—or “HumaGram,” as ARHT calls it—and transported his full-body 3-D visage across the world to another stage in Melbourne, Australia. Robbins was able to see, hear and interact with the Australian audience in real time.

In a video of the event, Robbins walks around on stage, claps, talks and energizes the crowd as if he were there in person. “Tony Robbins was a completely lifelike, fully formed 3-D HumaGram and the audience loved it,” said Paul Duffy, CEO of ARHT (Augmented Reality Holographic Technology).

This could be a game changer for the meetings industry. Planners can beam high-profile speakers or performers without the cost of flying them to the destination, or they can have the company CEO simultaneously address groups in different locations.

Prerecorded HumaGrams can be used in information kiosks and exhibition booths. Inanimate objects can also be projected onto the lightweight, near-invisible screens that display the holograms. Like with most tech, these initial uses are the tip of the iceberg, and we’re excited to see the creative way planners will utilize this service.

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