Infographic: How and Why Meeting Planners Use Tech

The people who create the latest and greatest event technology and the people it’s meant for tend to be two very different types. Sure, tech’s efficient, and usually more eco-friendly than its preceding solutions, but it’s also more complicated. Regardless of how seamless and intuitive technology becomes, planners need to commit to understanding its values before it’s widely adopted.

survey-takersSmart Meetings set out to learn how meeting and event planners are using today’s technology by conducting a survey. We asked what planners are using technology for and the biggest hurdles preventing its adoption.

The results? Tech innovators and meeting planners aren’t on the same page yet—but they’re getting there. For example, the most common use of technology among those surveyed was for event apps and registration pages, and nearly 68 percent said that they use an app for their events. However, considering the vast number of solutions technology provides, it’s evident that while planners believe technology is the future, they have a long way to go before using it to their full advantage.

Take a look at the following infographic from our survey results to see how technology is used by planners.

how meeting planners use tech

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