From weighing too much to getting lost in transit, standard bulky luggage has plagued travelers with a seemingly endless set of inconveniences. Fortunately, there is a silver lining.

Innovators have come up with lightweight, durable designs equipped with built-in tracking technology and collapsible materials for maximum efficiency. With these three suitcases, you’re guaranteed to have a trusted travel companion by your side.

1. Backed by Kickstarter, premium luggage brand Neit is developing the first collapsible hard suitcase. In just 10 seconds, it shrinks down to 3 inches when it is unlocked and opened. Suitcase wheels are removable and a carabiner-style hanger provides easy storage almost anywhere. The suitcase comes with GPS technology that connects to an app, which also stores boarding passes, checks flight updates and even books additional flights and hotels.

2. Bluesmart (pictured) is another crowdfunded smart travel piece that is already available to pre-order. Controlled via iOS or Android app, the luggage has a TSA-approved lock that automatically locks or unlocks when your phone is within range. You’ll also be notified if anyone else tries to open your suitcase. The app can detect if the bag is overweight and has two USB charging ports to power mobile devices at least six times over.

3. Delsey rolled out its latest suitcase innovation at CES 2015. Pluggage is an app-compatible travel piece that has several features, including a built-in scale, battery pack and fingerprint ID lock. Travelers can enter their travel information into the app for flight updates and weather forecasts. The suitcase also has internal lighting that switches on when the suitcase is opened and onboard detection that alerts you when it is loaded onto the aircraft.