Regatta Solutions Hotel Search Engine

Online travel agencies may have to loosen their hold on hotel reservations. Booking engine Regatta Travel Solutions is putting the hotel web search back into the property’s hands. The patent-pending search engine claims to give hotels a competitive edge by providing more tools and information to maximize bookings.

The latest feature provides guests with the option to combine two different hotel rooms into one reservation. Rooms once made unavailable for the entire length of stay can still be chosen if guests are willing to change rooms during their visit.  To compensate for the inconvenience, hotels can attach special promotions to these packages. Web-based travel agencies like TripAdvisor and Expedia don’t have this option.

The search engine can also highlight vacancies which fall below length-of-stay restrictions. This is especially helpful during peak periods when there are two- or three-day gaps between sold-out dates. Booking groups is also simplified with a customizable group housing tool. Guests can choose a block of rooms with a group discount included. The Regatta search engine also includes a 24-hour hold on all reservations and is available across different platforms.

Regatta Solutions also provides travel reservation solutions to convention and visitor bureaus, local attractions and group and sports housing.