Record Number of Travelers Forecasted for Spring

U.S. Airlines Record Number Passengers

The number of passengers traveling on U.S. airlines this spring is expected to reach its highest levels in the past seven years, according to industry trade organization Airlines for America. Between the March-April travel period, airlines are predicted to carry 134.8 million passengers—a record figure since the 2008 economic crisis.

During the same period last year, airlines faced severe winter conditions, flying 132.2 million travelers. To accommodate the 2 percent hike, aircrafts will increase their seat volume by 3 percent, or 64,000 additional seats per day for the spring. On average, airplanes have been filled at 84.6 percent capacity through November last year.

U.S. airlines have been faring well recently, capitalizing on a rejuvenated economy and a stronger dollar. Last year marked the fifth consecutive year of profitably for domestic carriers. Lowered fuel costs since January have also greatly benefited airline budgets. In the last year, carriers were able to expand in-flight WiFi, add newer aircrafts and expand flying routes.