Trends of the Trades at IMEX America

Perhaps the most resounding reason to attend IMEX America is to build meaningful, lasting and direct relationships with countless companies and groups. This year’s event, which hosted exhibitors from 150 countries, allowed participants to network broadly with international groups. Representatives from Mexico, London, Scotland, Dubai and Japan were present at this year’s trade show.

Many new trends are making waves this year. True to form, technology played a notable role at IMEX, with companies sharing digital marketing tools, mobile app developments and staying conscious of the power of social media. International business travelers can now enjoy unlimited connectivity, including downloading a free app that allows them to communicate directly with hotel staff. Another notable trend is the consideration companies are showing regarding moving meetings into the digital space.

The undeniable influx of millennials into the workforce and meeting industry has increased companies’ awareness of technology and the challenges these younger contemporaries pose.

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