Cindy Hoddeson, director of meeting and incentive sales for the Monaco Government Tourist Office, says Monaco is so much more than a jet-setter’s paradise. Monaco is the second smallest independent state in the world, second only to the Vatican, and offers exceptional value to tourists. The small state boasts a sundry of historic properties, beautiful beaches and extensive meeting space.

Hoddeson explains that the exchange rate of the Euro is bringing even greater value to Monaco and making the destination more attainable than ever. Visitors to the state will experience several new trends including a more relaxed luxury, and can enjoy a myriad of refined recreational experiences including sailing regattas, wine tasting and culinary lessons.

The Prince of Monaco is dedicated to environmental responsibility. The state is a pioneer and steadfast supporter of sustainability. The state’s public transportation system is entirely electric, hybrid or bio-fuel and the Prince has eliminated plastic bags, making the state’s carbon footprint minimal to say the least.