The Inside Scoop on Outdoor Meetings

Sometimes the easiest way to trigger out of the box thinking is to get attendees out of the conference room for a couple of hours. Smart Meetings asked the experts at Greater Ontario California Convention & Visitors Bureau for tips on planning a productive excursion.

1. Start with a good breakfast. Active bodies and minds require high-quality fuel. Locally sourced hearty meals, such as biscuits and gravy from Corky’s Kitchen & Bakery in Rancho Cucamonga can get everyone off on the right foot. Don’t forget to pack nuts and fruits for quick pick-me-ups later in the day.

2. Walk, Ride or Stroll. A central location with easy access to the outdoors—whether it is a hike, a bike ride or a stroll through a Bass Pro Shops’ Outdoor World—can bring a group together. Consider integrating the exercise into the theme of the meeting with team-building scavenger hunts or gratitude practice.

3. Go al fresco. Warm-weather locations lend themselves to eating outside. Enhance the experience by bringing global flavors from surrounding neighborhoods—Indian, Thai, Chinese, Taiwanese or Caribbean are now ubiquitous in Southern California now—can make the experience more exciting as attendees can try new tastes under twinkling lights with lots of fresh air on the side.


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