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view of Mississippi River and Hernando de Soto Interstate 40 Bridge in memphis, tennessee

Memphis: The Home of Blues, Soul and Rock ‘n’ Roll

In Memphis, Tennessee, enduring history, authentic flavors and music of all genres blend seamlessly for a comforting refrain. Smart Meetings journeyed to Grind City and brought back this report.

balloons floating over buildings in boise, idaho

Idaho: Meetings Gems of the West

denver union station in denver, colorado

Colorado: Rocky Mountain High

mount hood in portland, oregon

Portland, Oregon: City of Roses Focuses on Equality

New England: Luxe Is Back, Bigger Than Ever

Michigan: Dive In!

As anyone in Michigan will tell you, there’s no better place in the country to be in the lazy days of summer and the crisp days of autumn. The state’s marketing slogan is “Pure Michigan,” and it doesn’t get any purer than then.