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14 Great Low-Cost Tech Tools for Planners

Planners: do you want to know which low-cost tech tool can instantly transform company data into a professional quality infographic, or what free app can help schedule a virtual meeting time convenient for workers scattered across the globe? Beth Ziesenis, a technology guru and self-described “nerdy BFF,” can tell you. Informative and humorous, Ziesenis is […]

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5 Essential Mobile Apps for Business Travel

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Solid Tips for Meeting Presentations

Green Meetings Q&A with Paul Salinger and Shawna McKinley

Frustrated, confused or tired of green or sustainable meetings? You’re not alone. Between diverse standards, complicated issues and conflicting priorities sometimes it can seem easier to not bother. Over the last ten years Paul Salinger and Shawna McKinley have seen a lot of event sustainability ups and downs while steering responsibility efforts for Oracle events. […]