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8 Essential Audiobooks for Your Next Trip

Long journeys are inevitable when you are an event professional. That travel time doesn’t have to go to waste though! Here we unpack the audiobooks you need for your next trip. Whether you want to learn about a new cuisine, escape into a hotel-based novel or gain some business knowledge, these must-listens have you covered….

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Bitcoin Explained, For Meeting Planners

Bitcoin is a decentralized, digital “cryptocurrency” powered by a vast computer network. It’s been recognized as a currency by the European Union, yet China recently closed cryptocurrency exchanges serving its local markets—where more than 80 percent of the world’s Bitcoin transactions and financing activities were taking place until recently.

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New App Plays Cupid at Conventions

Feeling bummed you’re going solo to all the holiday parties this month? Still looking for someone to kiss under the mistletoe? A new dating app on the scene is designed specifically for conventions! Introducing you to Convexion.

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Are You Ready to Supercharge On-Site Event Registration?

First impressions can make or break an event. Registration has come a long way, from scribbling a name on a lapel sticker to preprinting a badge and setting it out on a table in alphabetical order, to today’s integrated digital registration solutions. Devices have gotten smaller and internet connections faster. Opportunities to customize the attendee…

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avoiding spam folder

The Planner’s Guide to Steering Clear of the Junk Folder

When you’ve devoted hours of time, creative energy and strategic thinking to developing an event marketing email, you intend for it to be seen. So it’s pretty infuriating that your masterpiece will most likely be tossed in the spam folder. Not to mention, this isn’t what recipients want. According to a ReturnPath study, 79 percent…

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Four Seasons Launches New Chat Feature to Help Guests Travel Smart

Four Seasons is offering a new and innovative chat tool that can  answer planners’ and other guests’ concerns promptly, thereby easing anxiety and stress. Four Seasons Chat can be used to seamlessly communicate with hotel personnel. Guests can send a message from any of a number of channels, such as the Four Seasons App, Facebook…

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Augmented and Virtual Reality Make Events Successful

Before Pokemon Go became an instant hit, augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) seemed more like slow-moving science fiction than relevant reality. Skip forward just a year though, and the AR and VR business is booming, especially within the events industry. The use of VR and AR has penetrated multiple entertainment sectors, from travel…

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Take a Byte Out of Apple News

Crunch down on new products and features Droves of reporters and Apple employees filed into the new 1,000-seat Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California, for the big reveal of the latest in Apple Watch and iPhone technology in September. How do some of the advancements apply to meeting professionals and how can…

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google mobile payment

Google Just Made All Your Transactions Much Easier

You’d be hard pressed to find a place that doesn’t take card as payment these days. Even small businesses such as food trucks and coffee shops are utilizing square technology, and there’s less need to keep cash in your wallet. However, the mobile pay trend is growing in popularity at a rate that may one…

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