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trends impacting the hospitality industry

Top 10 Trends Impacting the Hospitality Industry

Editor’s note: We wrote the following story in July 2015 and it has been one of your favorites ever since so we thought we would go back and let you know what has changed. The updates are highlighted below, and a few of the findings ended up surprising even us. The Hotel Show, which stages…

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What is Blockchain and Why Should Event Planners Care?

Blockchain offers the exciting opportunity to manage electronic cash without a central administrator. Based on the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, it uses a distributed database, so no central entity, government or bank manages the transaction. Instead, it is handled by thousands of volunteer-run computers (nodes).

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How to Get the Most Out of Each Social Media Platform

Social media is key to drawing in clients and connecting with your audience, and can even aid in putting on a successful event. Each platform is different—some are humorous, some are serious and some are a mix of the two. The key to creating social media campaigns lies in how you post to each platform, which…

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5 High-Tech Ways to Brand Your Events

There is a psychological component to meeting planning. To imprint brand awareness, recognition and memory onto attendees’ minds, planners must tap into their psyches. Here are five techy ways to subliminally stamp your event, company, organization or association’s logo on the brains of guests.

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6 Free Apps to Keep Meeting Planners Organized

Juggling the demands of meeting and event planning is difficult, but new business technologies can make even the most hectic schedule easier to manage. Let’s go beyond the essential event planning tools to find organizational apps that you might not have considered.

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