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new orleans natural disaster

How New Orleans Recovered after a Natural Disaster

As an owner of a corporate destination management franchise in New Orleans, I saw the reality of ground zero as I worked to rebuild my business after Hurricane Katrina in 2005. But as I regained footing, I watched a different story unfolded on the news and I learned some important lessons.

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all-inclusive revolution introverts events

The All-Inclusive Meetings Revolution

How do you design a meeting that everyone—including introverts—will love? You may want to ask an introvert. We did—and boy, did they have a lot to say.

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The Right Way to Plan a Legislative Day

Many associations work all year planning massive legislative days that bring members together to advocate for their issues. Roger Rickard, founder of Voices in Advocacy consulting, says far too many organizations don’t do a good-enough job telling their stories. Here are his tips for speaking up for your group.

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Win the Local Game with an Action-Packed Backdrop

Taking your group to a sports venue no longer is merely a hot dog and plastic chairs experience. Today’s high-tech venues are often fueled with gourmet, healthy food options and Insta-worthy meeting spaces. Plus, they feature a built-in connection to the team and community that guests feel the minute they arrive.

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Turn the Page: Books Industry Professionals Love Most

Reading offers more than conversation topics for the next cocktail party. From improved cognition to greater emotional intelligence and—according to a Yale study—even living longer, books are the key to great advances. Here are a few recommendations from industry readers to start in the new year.

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