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Game On

It may be the season of chilly temperatures, which tends to keep us indoors more than out, but that doesn’t mean you can’t bring an active component to your next event. In fact, there are a number of available options that can allow your attendees to embrace the sports of their youth while building connections….

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Healthy Travel Behaviors

3 Tips for Healthy Travel Behaviors

It seems almost impossible to stay loyal to healthy travel behaviors in this industry. The countless days of travel, cocktail receptions (and their notoriously calorie-rich apps and beverages) and long days just seem to add to your waste line at the mention of them. While these perks are what I love about my job, my…

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Detox and Meetings

Today’s headlines are filled with stories of successful detox diets, treatments, supplements and other activities. Celebrities and everyday folks alike tout their weight-loss, health and wellness benefits—but are they really something that can help make a meeting more productive? The answer from the experts is a resounding “yes.” “The body undergoes a natural detoxification on…

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