Gary Diedrichs

Gary Diedrichs

Senior Content Editor at Smart Meetings
Gary Diedrichs is senior content editor at Smart Meetings. He has degrees in history from Princeton and New York University. His journalism career has spanned staff positions in radio, newspapers, magazines and websites. Other writing includes a novel set in Sausalito, California, in the 1950s. In his spare time, he publishes an award-winning website devoted to eco-friendly travel.
Gary Diedrichs

Hawaii: A Quartet of IslandsDestinations

One of the comforts of meeting in Hawaii is that while much seems exotic, more is familiar. It’s easy to do business there—same currency, same performance standards, same language—yet oddly challenging as well. Metropolitan bling of Honolulu’s Waikiki, or slow-paced and pastoral Kauai?

The Well-Being WarsHealth & WellnessMeeting Planning

There I was, on the battle’s front line. My coordinates: room 1664, Parc 55 Hotel, San Francisco. Outside, all seemed calm. In fact, the view was lovely. But inside, I shuddered involuntarily and began to check my gear. Medicine balls, 4 to 6 pounds. Sandbells, 8 to 20 pounds. TRX suspension system. Bosu ball. Powerbands. Yoga mat. More stuff I couldn’t readily identify. And there, dominating and powerful-looking, was the mighty Wattbike, a stationary bicycle used by Olympic athletes.

5 Hotels Serving Mighty MeatFood & BeverageMeeting Planning

Vegans and vegetarians, kindly avert your glance. Even as meeting attendees clamor for ever-more healthy dining and chefs find new ways to deliver huge flavor with plant-based creations, counterpoint is inevitable. It’s a yin and yang thing—so here are five hotels delivering mighty meat.

How to Negotiate Like an Event BossCareerPlannerTips & Tools

As expectations for extravagant meetings balloon and budgets shrink, event professionals need to wring every drop of value they can out of their resources. One of the biggest expenses is always venue, so we asked the experts for their secrets to make every penny count when partnering with properties. No surprise, just about everything is open to negotiation if you know how to ask.

Skies Not as Friendly for Comfort Animals, Airlines SayAirlinesNews

Major airlines are tightening policies on bringing animals on board—in part, at least, because of situations such as the one United Airlines faced at Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) recently. A woman tried to board a United flight with a peacock. She described him as her emotional-support animal.