Annie Tittiger

The Meeting Planner’s Glossary

This industry runs on jargon, and since meeting planning requires everyone to work at a rapid click, it’s best to get acquainted with it yourself. Acronyms They’re a dime a dozen in this industry, but here are the most frequent ones you’ll come across. CMP Certified Meeting Professional, a merit one receives from completing the […]

The Do’s and Don’ts of Event Security

The 7 Commandments of Event Wi-Fi

How to Negotiate: Room Blocks

5 Steps for Solid Cybersecurity

5 New Hotel Amenities on the Rise

Forget the mini bar.  The travel experts at The GO Group LLC, researched hotels to find the hottest, quirkiest and most fun new hotel and resort amenities.  We’ve added a few of our favorites at the end as well. Sleep better: With hotels in Seattle, San Diego, San Francisco, Portland and Chicago, Pineapple Hospitality group offers its guests The Naked Experience™. Inspired by traditional European hotel […]