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Purple Mountains MajestyDestinations

When the film City Slickers came out in 1991, it was an instant sensation; everyone wanted to be like Billy Crystal and drive cattle into Colorado. But even before Hollywood, the mountains called to travelers. Cold, clean air, along with natural beauty and a simple life, gave hectic urban dwellers a tableau for tranquility. Mountains inspire us to look up, to reach and exceed beyond our grasp. Holding meetings at high altitudes inspires team-building, as well.

Phoenix: A Meetings Destination Unlike Any OtherSponsored Content

Lively but laid-back. Bustling but casual. Phoenix has a vibe all its own, with a trendy yet unpretentious ambiance that’s accessible to all. The city offers an award-winning downtown convention center and urban core, easy air access, sun-drenched beauty and unmatched value. Lately an infusion of youthful energy and investment of more than $5 billion…

Top Icebreakers for the Adventure-ReadySponsored Content

In order to jump-start your meetings, training or any professional venture, icebreakers are often a necessity. But let’s be honest. Having to plan a game and getting everyone in the room excited can feel awkward and forced. Luckily, Las Vegas has icebreakers that melt away any stress.