It’s no secret that technology—especially apps for our precious mobile devices—have changed the way we travel. But all mobile apps are not created equal. While some work for business and pleasure, many that are great for leisure travel have little value for those traveling on business.

Business travelers need not fret, as app developers know you’re out there and have created near countless apps designed to make business flow just as easily on the road as in the office.

Naturally, some mobile apps do more to make them near-essentials for business travel. (All are available for iOS and Android devices unless noted.)

Stay Organized

TripIt is by far the got-to app for keeping your travel itinerary organized. It keeps info about your flights, hotels, rental cars and other bookings all in one convenient place—and you can even forward confirmation emails to TripIt to have them automatically added.

Paperless Entry

Apple’s native PassBook and Google’s PassWallet are oft-overlooked mobile apps that actually have great use for travel. I experimented with PassBook (soon to be renamed Wallet) on a couple recent trips and found it incredibly convenient for security checkpoints and boarding—allowing me to skip check-in lines and avoid printing paper boarding passes I previously had to hurriedly stuff into a pocket while taking off my shoes for the TSA.

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Expense This

The days of trying to keep track of myriad paper receipts (and often losing a few) and losing track of cash tips are over. Expensify scans receipts—and parses the information from them to save your thumbs from seemingly endless tedious typing. You can also input cash expenses and track billable hours. To top it off, Expensify takes all the info and exports it into a printable expense report for you.

Stay Productive

Many professionals are familiar with Google’s the web-based document service, and the Google Docs mobile apps transitions to smartphones with ease. Edit any document and the changes appear across the board. As a bonus, the app works offline as well as online.

Meet on the Fly

Just because you’re on the road doesn’t mean you get out of the big company meeting. With GoToMeeting you can join meetings in one click. You can also initiate meetings and join webinars with ease.

Get to the Points

Business travelers often fly on a wide variety airlines and book several different hotel brands over the course of a year. All those loyalty programs can be hard to keep track of, but AwardWallet does it for you in one convenient location. Plus, the app alerts you when your points are nearing their expiration date.