The city of El Paso, Texas is steeped deep in rich history, including a war that rewrote the boundaries of what country owned the territory. With a history like that, it’s only natural that residents would have quite a story to tell. What better way to get your attendees in the mood to collaborate than to immerse them in the history of the city?

Scavenge for History

Not all team-building exercises are created equal. Scavenger hunts are as old as time and have always been played to bring people together, making them a great contender for team building. Some of these execised, including the Hare and Hounds scavenger hunt offered at Hotel Paso del Norte, Autograph  Collection give attendees opportunities to explore the history of an area and have a great time doing it.

Post-Meeting Bar Time

Next to baseball, bar lounging is America’s favorite pastime. It may be the dim lighting, casual ambiance or general at-ease vibe these places exude, but grabbing a drink spells satisfaction after a long, hard-worked day. Most hotels feature on-property bars, making that transition from meeting to ceremonious libation almost seamless.

A spectrum of vibrant, colorful light greets visitors at The Dome Bar, at Hotel Paso Del Norte, where guests find a Tiffany-styled, dome-shaped, stained-glass ceiling. A gathering in this welcoming space is the perfect starting point for exploring Plaza Theatre and the Museum of the Revolution on the Frontier nearby.

Bring Your Experiences to Life

Hotels are more than just buildings, they’re an experience. From the moment you walk through those doors to the time that you leave, you’re given a small sample of what life is like in that city. Hotels often build a variety of experiences to bring their town to life, allowing their guests to feel that they’ve truly traveled to a different location. Many El Paso-based properties provide a wide variety of experiences, such as weekly Rooftop Revolution parties. Personalized tours across the U.S.-Mexico border—offered by Hotel Paso del Norte—can give guests a newfound appreciation of the city and the history that made it the unique place for events that it is today.