In order to jump-start your meetings, training or any professional venture, icebreakers are often a necessity.

But let’s be honest. Having to plan a game and getting everyone in the room excited can feel awkward and forced.

Luckily, Las Vegas has icebreakers that melt away any stress. With locations and activities that get the conversation started, you’ll have no problem getting to know your team or future co-workers.

Instead of generic, one-size-fits-all icebreakers, these are targeted to the group that’s all about Vegas − and a little adrenaline rush.

Break the ice, and the norm, with places only Las Vegas offers, and experiences that can only happen here.

For some outdoor icebreaking adventures, try:

Biking a new trail

The River Mountains bike trail recently opened and is a leisurely, downhill trail toward Lake Mead and Hoover Dam. For a small group, fewer than 10 people, this is a great icebreaker and lets you take a breather.

Kayak Lake Mead

Switch up sitting across from each other at a coffee table for a kayak − can you think of a more relaxing way to break the ice? With views of the “Boulder Islands,” you’re sure to get the conversation started.

Go on an Eldorado ATV tour

Off-road adventures can definitely stir up the best conversations. With the Eldorado ATV tour, you explore the historical Eldorado canyon and have stops at secluded mines. It’s also just 10 miles from Hoover Dam.

All of these experiences can be done with Desert Adventures, a full-blown adventure company that includes hiking, mountain biking, ATV tours − a little bit of everything outdoors and on the water. Located in Boulder City, Desert Adventures is the perfect place to break away from the city and break into some fun.

For some speedy icebreaking, try:

A lap around the track in a Lamborghini Huracán

Break the ice by revving the engine of your dream car. In Las Vegas, you can find the longest driving experiences, giving you maximum lap (and talk) time.

Headed to the Strip after? SpeedVegas’ track is located just 10 minutes from the infamous Welcome to Las Vegas sign, and with free transportation from all major resorts, you don’t even have to worry about drive time.

SpeedVegas offers corporate and group events, so aside from revving a Porsche, you can also reserve some privacy by using its indoor and outdoor viewing terraces. There, you can mingle and enjoy food and drinks before returning for more laps.

If you want to move the icebreaker to a massive event, you can rent its private meeting spaces, which accommodate up to 1,000 participants, and have access to Wi-Fi, projectors, whiteboards, catering and more.

For a grand icebreaking experience, try:

Exploring the Grand Canyon

The stunning views act as the best icebreaker, allowing you to break barriers and to get to know those you’re doing business with.

Grand Canyon Day Tours provides private tours for small and large corporate groups. All tours are customized to your group, meaning you can pick your time, activity level and points of interest you’d hope to see.

What can a private tour consist of? If it’s just you and a few others, you can fly in a helicopter above Grand Canyon. Or, for a larger group, you can hike, bike, horseback ride and more.

Looking for a daylong adventure? For a group of seven, Grand Canyon Day Tours takes care of everything, from a limousine pickup from your hotel to a private flight to the Grand Canyon’s south rim. You’ll fly over Lake Mead, Hoover Dam, Grand Wash Cliffs and the famous Skywalk. (No crowds from the clouds!)

For some Zen-infused icebreaking, try:

Helicopter Yoga at Valley of Fire  

Find your next business opportunity in the “om” with Yoga at Valley of Fire. What could break the ice more than flying above the mountains and hitting tree pose on the very tops of them? HeliYoga with Maverick Helicopters will take you and five people from the Strip to the highest point in the Valley of Fire for a 75-minute yoga session.

Afterward, you can talk business and chill with incredible scenic views.