Matt McFadyen

Hear How McFadyen Learned Life’s Toughest Lessons as He Battled Frigid Waters

Learn how to grow a high-performing team and overcome extreme adversity with adventurer extraordinaire Matt McFadyen! As an ambitious 22-year-old, McFadyen and his four teammates set sail aboard a 43-foot yacht on a treacherous 54-day expedition bound for Antarctica across harrowing frozen tundra. Upon their return, McFadyen and his team faced the full strength of the ocean, battling a relentless hurricane-strength storm that nearly stole their lives. The teammates’ heroic fight for survival sparked a dramatic change in McFadyen’s life that eventually proved to be the foundation of his leadership journey.

About Matt
For more than a decade, McFadyen has worked with international organizations to align leaders, energize cultures and build successful teams. The adventurer extraordinaire is a world-class speaker who advises his listeners on leadership, motivation and building high-performance teams. From dragging heavy sleds to the North Pole to sailing yachts through the world’s most deadly conditions, McFadyen has faced tremendous challenges head on—not only testing, but also defying the limits of human potential.