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Virtual Event & Meeting Management Certificate Course 2021 Business, Design & Strategy Virtual Summit
Master the fundamentals to plan and execute virtual events and meetings with Virtual Event & Meeting Management, a six-week online course eligible for 20 CMP hours. Chart a course for the future by registering for Event Leadership Institute’s Business, Design & Strategy Summit, held virtually on June 3.


Writing & Evaluating a Virtual Event RFP Setting Virtual Event Strategy Goals & Objectives Developing Your Virtual Event Marketing Plan Creating a Virtual Event Run of Show

In this 15 minute on-demand course, learn how to research potential vendors, write a concise and relevant RFP, compare responses from multiple providers and establish evaluation criteria to make a decision.

This on-demand course provides an easy-to-follow framework of getting started with three core fundamental questions. During this 12 minute on-demand course, discover how to identify “the why,” and possible goals for different types of virtual events…

How can you use marketing and public relations to bring larger virtual audience groups into the fold? In this on-demand course, learn tips for creating audience personas to improve your marketing and design, and how to communicate… In the realm of online and virtual events with teams planning and production teams dispersed around the world, creating a run of show in an online tracking system has several advantages. Watch this six-minute on-demand course…