Las Vegas’ Sphere is a game-changing visual experience

After much anticipation, Sphere is now open and taking the cinematic experience to another level.

As of today, Sphere has hosted two separate shows. Irish rock band U2 has a residency there, titled “U2:UV Achtung Baby Live at Sphere,” set to end Dec. 16 (although there are rumors of a possible extension due to high demand), and director Darren Aronofsky debuted his 50-minute Postcard from Earth film on Oct. 6. According to Aronofsky, there were 5,000 people in attendance at each of the opening night’s two shows, a relatively rare high number in the cinema world.

“Bono [U2’s lead singer] pointed out something really interesting to me,” Aronofsky said during opening night. What Jim [Dolan, executive chairman and CEO for Sphere Entertainment] built here, it’s not for sports. It’s for performance and cinema, which is a crazy thing to have this many people together to have one experience together that is so extreme. So, I just want to thank Jim for dreaming this up and creating it and following through. It’s insane.”

Before entering the main venue, attendees first enter the Atrium, which features several interesting technological experiences like the humanoid robot Aura, said to be the most advanced in the world. Along with Aura, there are five robots in the Atrium, each focusing on an aspect of human ability: connection, creativity, innovation, longevity and productivity. The Atrium also has avatar scanners where guests can become a digital version of themselves and enter the metaverse; they’ll then be able to take home an .mp4 souvenir.

screen that reads "postcard from earth" among snowy mountains
Scene from Postcard from Earth

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With a 16K resolution screen (claimed to be the highest resolution LED screen on Earth), the visual experience at Sphere may be as immersive as things could possibly get. The screen wraps up over and around the stadium seating, enveloping guests in nothing but engaging imagery.

The venue’s 4D tech only heightens the sense of immersion. The 10,000 haptic feedback seats allow attendees to experience the sensations of the on-screen action. Guests also experience environmental effects, like changing temperatures and a cool breeze that wafts throughout the main venue as they look at the visuals. In the case of Postcard, this could mean traveling through the summit of snowy mountains or grassy plains on a sunny day.

Group Offerings

robot waving arm
Aura, the humanoid robot

Sphere connects directly to the all-suite Venetian Resort Las Vegas via bridge. The resort is home to the highest number of rooms on The Strip, at more than 7,000, some of which lend a direct view of Sphere.

In addition to basic group tickets (for guests of at least nine), which come with group pricing, payment plans and full show buyouts, there are many other group-oriented experiences Sphere offers. 23 VIP suites, which have a capacity for up to 32 attendees for live events and up to 24 for Postcard. Sphere also offers groups the opportunity for a two-hour reception in a private or semi-private space and group tickets to The Sphere Experience, featuring Postcard for groups of up to 5,000, as well as the ability to completely buyout the building, which has a capacity for up to 17,500 attendees.

A guided venue tour will also be available for groups of at least nine, details of which have yet to be released.