In May, LinkedIn introduced Virtual Events to ease the transition to digital events by fostering connection within the community. Since its inception, there have been more than 200,000 events hosted on LinkedIn, with almost 10 million attendees.

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Seven months later, LinkedIn has introduced new events features intended to make it even easier for companies to build community before, during and after the event.

Greater Reach

Personalized event recommendations in the “My Network” tab and a new weekly events digest email have been added to your audience’s home pages. LinkedIn says so far this has resulted in a 40 percent increase in event attendees.

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In a few weeks, posting an event to your page will alert a subsection of your followers, to build awareness of your event. Attendees are chosen based on who is most likely to attend your event, depending on their interests.

Collect Leads

You can now include a registration form and collect the names and emails of those who’ve signed up. You can also download the list from your event page, upload the list to your CRM and share it with your sales teams. When creating a registration form, your event is only viewable to, and joinable by, registered attendees.

Promote with Sponsored Content

LinkedIn data shows that if a company’s followers are exposed to its organic content, they are 61 percent more likely to click on that page’s paid ads.

To take advantage of this, companies can now run sponsored-content single-image ads along with their organic posts to promote their events. These single-image ads, LinkedIn says, can promote your event to individuals who are typically harder to reach, such as high-level executives.

Keep the Conversation Going

By creating a custom target audience in campaign manager, you can continue the conversation and retarget past event registrants.