Las Vegas, New Orleans Easiest Places to Get a Drink

Craft Cocktails

For many groups, one of the most enjoyable parts of meetings is socializing and networking while enjoying food and beverages. Some areas of the United States are famous for their alcoholic beverages, in particular.

As might be expected, Las Vegas and New Orleans are the easiest major cities in the United States to be served an alcoholic drink, but perhaps surprisingly, North Dakota and Montana have the most bartenders per capita of any states, according to a recent study.

The analysis, done by CareerBuilder, was based on data from more than 90 government and private sector resources. The results, which were announced this month, found that there are nearly 580,000 bartenders in the United States, equaling 1.8 per 1,000 residents.

Among metropolitan areas with a population greater than 1.1 million, Las Vegas tops the list, with 5.5 bartenders per 1,000 residents, followed by New Orleans (3.4), Buffalo (3.4) Cleveland (3.0), Milwaukee (2.9) and Boston (2.9).

These totals pale in comparison with those of some smaller cities, though. Among metropolitan areas and cities of all sizes, Key West, Florida, ranks first, with a whopping 13.3 bartenders per 1,000 residents. Following Key West are Spearfish, South Dakota (8.5), Williston, North Dakota (8.3), Jackson, Wyoming (8.3), and Breckenridge, Colorado (8.1).

On a state level, North Dakota and Montana have 5.2 bartenders per 1,000 residents, followed by Nevada (5.1) Wisconsin (4.0) and Wyoming (3.9). Those with the fewest are Arkansas (0.6), Alabama (0.7), Mississippi (0.8), Kentucky (0.9) and Georgia (1.0).

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