Refugio Garcia

For over a decade, Refugio Garcia has worked as a reporter and content writer for numerous news outlets and global companies based in the Bay Area, composing articles on subjects including general news, health and wellness, financial technology, and most recently, the hospitality industry. He joined Smart Meetings in June as a senior editor, seeking to produce educational and insightful stories for today’s busy meeting planners.
Picture of a group of people clapping.

Educational Support Elevates DEI and Could Alleviate Staffing Issues

Staffing shortages and ensuing issues have become commonplace in the hospitality and tourism industries and a stark reality meeting professionals must now grapple with at nearly every turn.

Illustrated image of people in virtual meeting.

How to Harness the Lasting Power of Virtual Meetings

Event marketers are ramping up in-person events with the proliferation of tech specifically focused on video conferencing.