What Travelers Should Know About Terrorism & Travel Insurance

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There are some conflicting reports about whether international travel is affected by devastating headlines. From terrorist attacks and health scares such as Zika and other threats to personal safety, there is a lot to consider when traveling. Many airlines and host cities of large events continue to report record-breaking travel numbers, indicating that security and…

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5 Things to Know about 10 Emerging Meeting Cities

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Oakland, California They are the types of cities everyone is talking and writing about. San Francisco Business Times called Oakland, California, “the development story of the year” months before the Golden State Warriors reached the NBA playoff finals for the second-straight year and continued to galvanize the Bay Area’s third largest city. Travel + Leisure…

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Nothing Ordinary About This San Antonio Resort

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Most companies expect innovative thinking from the people in their organization. And if you are looking for equally innovative ideas for planning your next meeting or retreat, the last thing you need is a venue that’s same old, same old. At Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa, there’s no chance of that. The reason:…

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Myths About Airline Food

Five Myths About Airline Food

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Airline food doesn’t get a lot of love when the subject of haute cuisine arises, however it may not be as bad as its reputation.  USA Today dispels five common myths about airline food: 1. All airplane food is frozen and reheated. While some meals are indeed frozen and then reheated, today fresh salads and…

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4 Loyalty Programs You Should Know About


Budgets are tight, even during this period of robust growth in the meetings industry, and some under-the-radar loyalty programs can help to make a big difference. USA Today identified several loyalty programs that offer airline miles, points and more, including these four that are particularly relevant to meeting planners and their groups. 1. Thanks Again: This…

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Nothing Uniform About Sports Venues

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Stadiums, ballparks and a raceway where planners can score big points The secret’s out. Meeting planners can score a touchdown, hit a home run or win a race by holding meetings at sports venues. How? Well, it’s easy to be inspired when you’re meeting in a place where the pros are making big plays. Players…

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5 Things to Know About Content Marketing

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According to market research company, Forrester Research business leaders “concede that based on how customers behave and buy, content marketing is crucial to their success.” Leaders of the biggest and most successful businesses have spent time researching effective marketing channels and conclude that content marketing is one way to effectively build relationships with potential attendees. Social…

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5 Facts You Must Know About Event Attendees

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In order to create a truly successful event, conference or meetup you must understand your event attendees. When a company builds a product, the first thing they think about is the potential customer. An auto manufacturer spends millions on focus groups before they ever design a car, and a paper towel brand will interview consumers…

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Interesting Facts About Air Travel

11 Interesting Facts About Air Travel


Meeting planners who spend a lot of time on airplanes may think they know all about air travel, but there a lot of myths and secrets in the commercial aviation industry. Writer Megan Snedden of Roadwarriorvoices.com has come up with some fascinating, little-known facts about air travel. How many of these were you aware of? 1….

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Smart Meetings New Orleans 2015

Thinking about ROI? Think Smart Meetings.


Smart Meetings New Orleans 2015  Need a reason to attend a Smart Meeting? How about ROI. Suppliers at our events book business, receive RFPs, and generate qualified leads. Meet one-on-one with dozens of pre-qualified professional planners. Come book a year’s worth of business in one afternoon – and have a great time while doing it….

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