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How to Diva on a Budget

Finding the right dress for an award gala event can be very expensive. If you want to look like a star within a budget, several online rental companies can offer affordable designer clothing.


How 4 Wise Women Leading the Way in Hospitality

To mark International Women’s DaySmart Meetings asked these powerful ladies to share how they found their inspiration. Read on to find yours. 


5 Leading Ladies Who Have Made Their Name in Hospitality

The hospitality industry is brimming with hard-working women who give their all to make sure every guest has an exceptional experience. These are some.


family-friendly events8 Low-Cost Tips for Making Conferences More Family-Friendly

Attending one, two or three conferences a year can make a huge difference in an academic career. But while away, working professionals are paying a price—and not just with money. For someone with a family, conferences may mean a week of a spouse taking care of the kids and the dog, or a big expense for a nanny.


family life while working4 Steps to Help Event Professionals Balance Work and Family Life

Hectic schedules, last minute client changes and unusual hours are common for event professionals. Add in the dynamic of family life and you may be left feeling frustrated and short on time. You are not alone! Many American families struggle with balancing work and family. These four simple steps can help.


4 Ways For Women to Love Traveling Alone

As a woman, are you afraid of traveling alone? Wherever you may fall on the fear-of-traveling-alone spectrum, here are four ways to make the experience more fulfilling and less daunting.


Gal bonding icebreakers11 No-Fail Icebreakers for Gal Bonding

How do you get women to mix and mingle without breaking a sweat? Working these icebreakers into your reception routines could keep even the most nervous guest from getting cold feet and help create meaningful connections that go beyond the event.


Don’t Worry About Being Popular and 4 Other Tips for Thriving in Any Workplace

Women have made huge advances when it comes to entering the workforce, but there are still barriers to be overcome. The unfortunate truth is that some women still struggle with everything from pay gaps to sexual aggression.