Mark Your Territory with MapJam

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MapJam---Nashville-Map-Meeting professionals who want to give attendees as much insight as possible about the surrounding neighborhoods where they are are gathering should check out MapJam.

The Web and mobile map publishing platform enables businesses, organizations and planners to create useful, personalized maps that are easy to share. The MapJam platform eliminates the need for Web designers or developer tools to create online maps, and allows planners and suppliers to create content-rich, detailed, uniquely branded maps.

For example, if your group is meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, attendees will no doubt want to check out key music venues and attractions. MapJam created the Nashville map (pictured) just for Smart Meetings to show the way its platform can be used for events. San Francisco-based MapJam is different than, say Google Maps, because the latter displays locations and businesses that may not be appropriate for your group and even competitors of event sponsors. Map customization sets MapJam apart.