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The Future Belongs to Perennials

Stop worrying about millennials. That’s the advice of meetings veteran Mike Dominguez for event professionals struggling to design gatherings relevant to a new generation of attendees. As chief sales officer for MGM Resorts International, he has seen a lot of approaches to engaging people, and he has learned that the year on a birth certificate is less relevant than the measure of how they connect in person and on social media.

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disrupt meeting without upsetting

How to Disrupt Your Meeting without Upsetting Attendees

For conferences, one size doesn’t fit all. Not any more. Attendees have individual motivations for signing up and engaging at meetings. That means our approach to marketing, producing and running events must appeal to very different audiences—and bring them together to build on their differences. For tips on how to do this, we called on…

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Eventprofs to the Rescue: A Story of Disaster Averted

Salvaging a situation that involves entities outside a hotel property can be especially difficult. But Ann Renneker, director of event management at Sheraton Dallas Hotel, was recently able to accomplish that for a 900-person group—and on just one hour’s notice. The event was a “walk of remembrance”—part of a three-day educational and support conference for…

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New App Plays Cupid at Conventions

Feeling bummed you’re going solo to all the holiday parties this month? Still looking for someone to kiss under the mistletoe? A new dating app on the scene is designed specifically for conventions! Introducing you to Convexion.

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